Om konstnären

Sandra Steen was born in 1989 in Åkersberga outside of Stockholm. She might be young but her artistic career blossomed in her early teens. Already at this tender age she was represented at different exhibitions.

Her niche within the world of art is glass painting, a possibly unique form at that. Besides painting, tennis has played a big role in her life – alongside studying marine biology. She is currently working as a fire investigator appointed by the police and insurance companies. Steen is a qualified structural engineer – truly an eclectic individual with layers reaching beyond the artistic.

She had her first exhibition at an age of thirteen. It took place in a boathouse and her intention was humble. She viewed it as a fun experience, but it turned out that many of her paintings actually were sold. This, of course, set the ball rolling. Another exhibition followed the next year, and later on several displays at different companies and malls. At the age of fifteen she became an apprentice to artist Anna Toresdotter and learned the techniques of oil painting. Sandra frequently skipped classes in school during this time – the lure of painting was that strong. Twenty years old she began studying at Beckmans Designhögskola and within short she opened up her own gallery at Kungsholmen. The gallery was forced to closed when she moved to Vaxholm. Later she arranged a number of solo exhibitions, smaller events and painting courses in Vaxholm.

During one period things were getting out of hand, all the projects appeared overwhelming. The joy of painting was slowly fading and she came to the sober conclusion of taking a well-needed break. Now she feels ready to again enter the art stage, and an even greater stage at that. The plan is to arrange solo exhibitions all around this elongated country that is Sweden.

Sandra Steen prefers oil painting, but lately she has found that her unique glass painting creates most attention. It is unique to the degree that she might be the only one painting on glass-plates – at least Steen came up with it without external influences.

That which inspires her painting is society in general. Right now there is a big governmental election in Sweden, as of a coincidence her paintings are filled with lines and curves. Of course these represent graphs and tables from political news broadcasted that has snuck into her subconscious. People’s different perspectives on life and how they chose to live also inspire. In short: society together with its people is the primary source of inspiration. When asked to name a few artists that have influenced her she mentions Ardy Strüwer, a contemporary Swedish-Indonesian artist, and Ulrika Hydman-Vallien. The two historical painters above all others to her are Leonardo da Vinci and Salvador Dali.

She excuses herself when I ask her about her creative process: she wishes that it were a more glamorous one. It roughly works as such that she sifts through thousands of images that she carries within herself. Hence a shortage of ideas seems improbable. She also mainly listens to instrumental music during creative periods – mostly jazz.

She describes her art as a vitamin injection to the soul. Why her art has this invigorating effect upon people is due to the splendour of colours – never does her paintings end up colour-less or monochrome. She at least hopes that her art will bring positive energies when in contact with other people. It has actually been reported by buyers of her paintings that they experience how the paintings actually emanate joy – for example in office-environments were they apparently have affected visitors.

Within the near future Sandra Steen hopes to have made the leap out to Europe and even the whole wide world with her optimistic and joyous art.

Christopher Scott



2002 Elgö, Stockholms skärgård

2003 Karby tk, Vallentuna

2003 Frameland, Åkersberga

2004 Elgö, Stockholms skärgård

2006 Viggbyholms stationshus, Täby

2008 Media lab, Täby

2009 Åkersberga tk

2009 Västermalmsgallerian, Stockholm

2009 Svenskbyggtjänst, Stockholm

2010 ST: Eriksgatan, Kungsholmen, Stockholm

2010 Galleri Konst och design, Vaxholm

2010 Konstart, Kungsholmen, Stockholm

2012 Framland, Stockholm


2003 Åkersberga centrum

2003 Frameland, Åkersberga

2005 Täby centrum, Täby

2010 Täby centrum, Täby

2006 Svenskbyggtjänst, Stockholm

2012 Konstart, Stockholm

2010 ST: Eriksgatan, Kungsholmen, Stockholm

2011 Salon des Refusés, Djurgården, Stockholm

2012 Galleri ängeln, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

2012 Svenskbyggtjänst, Stockholm

2014 Galleri Stockholm

2015 Galleri Stockholm

2015 AVA Galleri, Venngarns slott

2016 Artexpo, New York

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